CLIENT AGGREGATOR ROBOT – Functions: Functions: 1. Greet the visitor when they entering the bank, with sincere attitude in 7/24. 2. Provide the answer for banking business and products introduction by voice, like how to issue a saving account; what’s the interest rate for time-deposit? any financial product recommendation? 3. Directions Guidance: Like washroom, ATM, 4. Entertainment: Singing ,dancing, playing games, watching video, and etc will bring people happiness or joy when waiting. Our Robotics Platform will start aggregating various users and their experience and do various API lead activities to make platformization of industries and integrative among various Verticals. We help many Banks, Financial Services, Corporates, Schools and Universities staff & children achieving their dream in Artificial Intelligence, Bots transformation, Humanoids, Robots. If you need to go for Robotics Factory Visits, Python Language Programming or create Robot for yourself