Banking & Financial Statements Standard

iBANK Standard, rather than the bank or company specific, Banking & financial statements to meet the needs of professionals who wish to swiftly compare Banking & fundamentals between different companies. Standardised data is ideal in making like-for-like comparisons across industries and markets – and perfect for screening & reconcilliation.

The standardised financials include Bank Reconcilliation, detailed annual and interim statements (including Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow), key footnote information and originally reported and restated financials.

The outcome of this is that each line items in the Bank Statement or Accounts are presented on a consistent basis across Banks & Companies in the universe. This is what enables reliable and fair screening across such broad ranges of companies for services like iBANK.

Bank Statement Standard is a big topic in the Banking and Financial Services Industry. There are 2500 documents and 100s of templates and pulling sending reports from different systems. “Our In10s Technology – UNISERV Innovative Solution for Digital Customer Engagement, Data Integration, Financial Reconcilliation and Report and Analytics” Modernisation of legacy systems with our Rip Replacement, a quicker way to the Digital Transformation. The Interactive Statment (iStatement) will be. able to drill down the Income and expenditure for that month and also if you want to make that expense to be spread across for 6 month easy instalement you would be able to do it with a touch of a button. similarly you could use your savings to a better product with a touch of a button. Our Video statement will guide you and explain the line item if you want to listen. Now with the Digital World, everyone prefer to see a graphical presentation and video presentation of any information. So your statement also come with similar features. We are implementing video statment to one of the largest UK Telecom provider in the world, FTSE100 company and we also have implemented one of the largest telecom company with nearly 400 Million custoemrs. The beauty is you can be able to connect to any Legacy systems like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Hadoop, Cobol Mainframe. We could be able to connect to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Goggle Cloud. This will federate any data silos. So we are a Bank Agnostic Bank Letter, Statment, Contracts, Proposals or any docusmnts producers.These documents could be directly sent to custmer with complete encrytion without emailing as a PDF Document. High level security and there is no data breach.

We are now spaeking with Big4 EY, PWC, KPMG, Deloitte & Touche, We also making connections with some of the Corporates Accenture, Dell, Cognizant, TCS, Wipro, IBM, Microsoft, AWS,Google, Apple and Facebook and Banking & Insurance, Telecoms and many other organisation.