How to get started


On the home page, enter a valid email id and password of your choice and hit

REGISTER NOW button. A validation email with a link will be sent to the email id entered,

once clicked on the link to verify your email, you will be directed back to

to continue with the registration process. Please read and accept the terms and conditions

to complete registration.


Once registration is complete, your account is in an ‘unverified’ status. To start the verification process once logged in, go to the ‘Edit Profile’ page on ‘Account Settings’ (menu on the left) and enter the requested details. Name (as mentioned in your ID Document or ID card), phone number and your address. In the subsequent form, upload a scanned copy of your Document and a valid address proof with a photograph. Please note the scanned copies should be clear and legible. This will move your account status to ‘Verification Pending’. You will receive a phone call verification from one of our team members for verification, once completed your account will be verified and ready for use.

Verified accounts

Once your account has been verified, you will be able to buy and sell 10 BTC/ day with no limits on sending and receiving BTC. Regular and continued buy/sell transactions over a period of 60 days will upgrade your account to our premium ‘Gold Member’ service with lower transaction fees and higher buy/sell limits. The last step would be to add your bank account details to your profile by visiting Account Settings > Bank Accounts.


Your iBANK account comes with a Multi Currency or Blockchain “wallet”


Once you are a verified member, you will receive a wallet address which can be seen on the “Send/ Receive Bitcoin” page. This wallet address is unique to your account.

Deposit / Receive  in your iBANK wallet

You can start receiving to your  wallet address (on the “Send/Receive” page). We use many service to receive deposits to your iBANK wallet. This process takes not more than a minute or two, with the rare exception of upto two hours. Please note the bitcoin can be sold or sent to another recipient only after the deposit has 3 confirmations which takes approximately half an hour. In the “Account Settings” page under “Notifications”, the user may avail the option to receive an email notification whenever a deposit is made.

Send / Withdraw  from your iBANK wallet

The Multicurrency you may have stored in your iBANK wallet can be sent to yourself (another Bank or Blockchain wallet address), or to a friend’s bitcoin wallet address or even to an email address that is registered on iBANK. You may also send blockchain as a gift to an email id of your loved ones (in India) who may not have a wallet (this email would also include an introduction to bitcoin and the process to claim the bitcoin sent to them). When sending bitcoin from “Send/Receive ” webpage, you will notice there is an option to either type in a bitcoin address or an email id of the recipient, or a bitcoin address from your own address book. Next, enter the amount you wish to send. You can also add a note for your recipients reference. Finally, hit the ‘Send Money’ button. Depending upon the amount of bitcoin you are trying to send, the server may mark the transaction as pending for admin approval or until we feed extra bitcoin to fulfil the transactions from our offline wallets.

If you send bitcoin as a gift to an email id that is not registered on Unocoin, you will then receive a message when the recipient registers on iBANK and claims the bitcoin/gift. If the recipient fails to claim those bitcoin/gift in 7 days, you will get a new message which will allow you to reclaim those bitcoin.

Requesting  to your wallet

You can request Currency or Blockchain from a friend who may not yet be registered with iBANK using their email id. An email is also sent to them regarding your request which would also include an introduction  and the process to fulfill your  request.


A simple process

Buying Bitcoin

Once you are a verified member, you will be able to buy bitcoin on iBANK. Click on ‘Buy/Sell Bitcoin’ link, goto “Buy Bitcoin” page and enter how many bitcoin you would like to buy or for how much in INR. You would be paying for the bitcoin using your GBP balance and this process is instantaneous.

You can either opt to receive the bitcoin on your iBANK wallet or to a different wallet address (bitcoin address) that you can provide while purchasing. You will have to confirm the purchase in the confirmation window before your order gets placed.

Selling Bitcoin

You can only sell those bitcoin stored in your iBANK wallet. If your wallet has insufficient BTC to be sold, please make sure it is replenished before you put out a sell order. You will need to add your bank details before you proceed to ‘Sell bitcoin’. This will be the bank account where you will receive GBP after the successful sale. The name on the bank account should be the same as your name in your Unocoin profile (initials,expansion or abbreviations are acceptable). The bank should have an Sort code for us to pay you using Account No.or SWIFt You can find the Sort code on the bank cheque or by contacting your bank. Once you have added a bank account, go to “Sell Bitcoin” page and enter how much bitcoin you are willing to sell. Lastly confirm your sale in the confirmation box. We need upto 3 working days to process your order. Once processed, most payments are made via Bank transfer which is usually credited on the same working day but can take a maximum of 1 working day.

Depositing and withdrawing GBP

You can maintain and use GBP balance in your iBANK account that you can use to purchase bitcoin anytime. To deposit GBP, goto Deposit GBP page, enter the amount you are willing to deposit and create the deposit order. Then transfer the GBP through Bank transfer from your registered bank account that gives you a reference number. Enter the reference number on Deposit INR page against the deposit order you have created. Once we receive your payment, we will process your order which will add the deposited GBP to your GBP balance. Orders are usually processed within 3-4 working hours from the time your payment hits our bank account, but can sometimes take upto 24 working hours. If the reference number entered by you is not as per our requirement, then we have no way of identifying your payment in our bank account statement and we wont be able to process your deposit order till we have the correct reference number information.

You can withdraw GBP using Withdraw GBP page where you can enter the amount of GBP you are willing to withdraw to your bank account.


iBANK still has many more services to come… and we keep adding new ones

Two Factor Authentication

You can set up double authentication by using the Google authenticator. You need to have your mobile phone generate a unique 6 digit code to login and spend funds. Google authenticator is available for Android, iOS devices and Blackberry devices.

Paper wallets

Visit ‘Paper/Import Address’ webpage to generate offline paper wallets (public & private key pair) that you can print and store safely. These addresses are generated using the client side javascript. This means that our servers would be unaware of the address your browser generates for you. Before you use the address on the paper wallet, make sure you have taken a print out. Once you hit the ‘Print’ button, you will have an option to add that address to your address book along with a nickname to it. Your address book will be visible when you send bitcoin from your wallet. A ‘nickname’ to all addresses in your address book will prove to be helpful for future reference.


To enable/disable receiving email notifications regarding activity on your account, please go to Account Settings -> Settings web page to have this set up. You may enable notifications for deposits, withdrawals or even for purchase and sale of bitcoin, OTP through email. There maybe further notification options added in the future.